Back in the day, (around 2008) when I got started in online marketing, email was still fairly new as a medium for following up with prospects and customers.

Because of this, if you were doing email marketing, you were kind of a big deal in the minds of most prospects. Especially in the world of home business and network marketing, an industry that seemed to be largely stuck in the 1990’s.

These days, things are a lot different. Most people, are subscribed to multiple email lists and receive hundreds of “marketing emails” per day. It’s also not uncommon these days to have several email addresses and even some that are devoted entirely to opting-in to receive free offers.

Do you see how this is a major growing problem for marketers as we move deeper and deeper into the 21st century?

So what’s the key to effectively reaching and engaging your audience in todays world?

3 words… Multi-Media Marketing!

 Also known as Multi-Channel Marketing
This simply means that rather than relying on just one form of media, like email, to reach prospects and customers we are utilizing multiple channels.
So we reach our get our prospects to join our email list where we can educate them on the benefits of our products or services over time….
But rather than stopping there we also reach them with our marketing message via their Facebook news feed via a Facebook fan page

So now they’re seeing us in their email inbox… BAM!

AND we’re showing up in their their Facebook newsfeed.. BAM BAM!
Then we encourage them to follow us on Twitter or Instagram… BAM BAM BAM!
Until they start seeing us everywhere…
And they can’t make a left turn on the internet (so to speak) without seeing our names, our smiling faces (hopefully) and of course our marketing message!

I mentioned earlier how people nowadays are subscribed to multiple email lists from different companies and have multiple email addresses right?

But they only have ONE cell phone!

What if you had a tool that would allow you to make a lasting first impression with your prospects and follow up via text message?

Imagine being able to easily create and send different cards based on different aspects of your business or different situations…

You immediately stand out from the crowd by sending them a link to a beautiful digital business card with a welcome video or a picture of your smiling face, complete with links to connect with you on social media, important contact info and even a link directly to your website to learn more about your products or services.

Talk about standing out and cutting through the noise right?

Well that tool is finally here

Its called “Shuffle” and you can learn about it Right Here

Isn’t it time you started to leverage technology to work smarter instead of harder?

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