What is it the drives you? What motivates you to continue on, even when things get tough and you feel like quitting? What is your “Why”?

Identifying your answer to this question could be the most powerful self motivator in your business and your life…

With the start of a new year, many of us set new goals, decide to form new habits, and make plans to make improvements over the next twelve months…

However, I recently read that by January 15th (not even 5% into the new year), 95% of people have already given up on ALL of their New Year’s resolutions and goals!

Why is this happening? And why does it happen so quickly?

Is there some way you can avoid being part of that 95% failure statistic, and make your way into the 5% success club?

In my humble opinion, discovering your “Why” is the primary contributing factor to your success in any endeavor you set out to accomplish… Whether that endeavor be a New Year’s resolution, or that new business you’ve just started.


So what is a “Why” anyway?

In simple terms a “Why” is the purpose, cause or belief that drives you to do what you do…

Think BIG PICTURE or VISION for your life.

Something perhaps along the lines of making sure your family will not want for anything, or sending your kids to college… Your “Why” may be humanitarian in nature, to support those in need, and contribute to a better future for us all… Or it could be about travel, adventure, personal growth, or knowledge…

Our “Whys” are as varied as the people and personalities that own them.

Also! You don’t have to have just one “Why.” But I do suggest having one for every goal you set out to accomplish, even if it’s the same in multiple categories.

You may be thinking, “I’m living my life and doing alright… So why do I need a “Why”?”

Well, I’ll tell you…

Your “Why” can give you the energy, determination and courage to overcome any obstacle you encounter along the way to achieving your goals… The ability to push through those circumstances that could easily cause you to become part of the 95% I mentioned earlier.

For example, this year I made a New Year’s resolution to wake up at 5am every weekday to go to the gym and swim laps. Since January 1st, there have definitely been mornings where I haven’t wanted to leave my nice, warm bed so early… For God sakes, it’s still dark outside!

My “Why” for getting up before the crack of dawn?

It’s my 1-year old daughter, Eden… I want to be strong and healthy for her. I want to spend as much quality time with her as I can, and I want to continue to be there for her as she grows up.

Eden is my “Why.” And thinking about my time on this Earth with her gets me up EVERY TIME.

In business, my “Why” is simple. It’s one word. When I think about it and picture my vision, I’m instantly driven to continue forward despite the many challenges I know still lay ahead…

My “Why” in business is FREEDOM.

Personal FREEDOM… Financial FREEDOM… FREEDOM of my time, FREEDOM for my family…

And I’ll let you in on a secret…

Want to guess my #1 Reason for founding Elify?

It’s to support that same FREEDOM for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and work-from-home professionals everywhere.

So let me digress… Why is having a “Why” important?

Finding your “Why” can provide you a clear sense of purpose that will enable you to focus your efforts on what matters most, driving you to take risks or push forward regardless of the obstacles or odds stacked against you.

And the bigger your “Why,” the more likely you are to persist through any amount of hardship…

And persisting is the key to your success.

So if you find yourself struggling, or wanting to give up, I encourage you to take a moment…

Sit down and establish your “Why.” Be as specific as possible… This big picture idea or vision for your life should speak to you at your core.

Write it down! Put it somewhere where you can see it, and refer to it often.

Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s almost February… Have you already lost site of your goals for the new year?


Tell me, what’s your “Why”?

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