Hi all! This is the first of a video blog series dedicated to helping our customers learn about using Shuffle every day for their business success. If you haven’t heard of or tried Shuffle yet, visit elifyshuffle.com right now to find out for yourself how this phenomenal new Digital Relationship Maker will significantly improve your business success!

For our first Weekly Tip, I want to talk about the powerful first impression you can make with your well-designed Shuffle Card. Shuffle Cards are the newest, most intriguing, and engaging way to introduce yourself to prospects… AND leave a lasting impression.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with Shuffle’s card creator, and you will always have an incredible introduction in your pocket, complete with pictures, videos, and buttons that link to your websites and social media pages. Set yourself apart from everyone else out there prospecting, job searching, or looking for others to join their team!

Pro Tip #1: DO add a photo of yourself or your products and services. Shuffle lets your prospects instantly put a face to your name! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to ensure that people remember you!

Pro Tip #2: DO include About Text to introduce yourself and your products and services. Include new product announcements, special promotional offers, contests, and more… With Shuffle, you can edit your cards on the fly and make sure your contacts always have the most up to date information. Plus! Choose to broadcast your card updates to your Shuffle Connections so they know to check back with you and see what’s new!

Pro Tip #3: Add embedded videos to make your Shuffle Card interactive! Include up to 5 of your favorite YouTube links in the card creator form to add those videos to your Shuffle Card. Video is the most powerful marketing medium available, so include it on your Shuffle Card and make your business stand out even more!

Watch the short video below on how to create a Shuffle Card, and keep an eye out for next week’s Weekly Tip!