Hey there Shuffle Fans!

Have you created a Shuffle Campaign yet? Wondering what Campaigns are and how to use them for your business?

Well congratulations! You’ve landed on the exact right blog article!

Campaigns were designed for you to share your Shuffle Card one-to-many versus one-to-one. For example you could create a Campaign for your email footer, so that when you hyperlink you Shuffle Card in your signature, you know how many people have clicked on it.

Another prime example is sharing your card on social media to your business page, on your profile, etc… You could create a Campaign and call it “Facebook Profile Link,” and get stats on those card opens…

Or maybe you want to display your card at a live event! If you have a booth or promotional area, you could display the QR Code for your “ABC Conference” Campaign, so anyone could come by and scan it to view your card. Then once again, get the stats on those opens!

Another beautiful thing about Shuffle Campaigns is that you can include a Lead Capture Form at the bottom of your Card so that interested prospects can leave you their contact information! Shuffle will notify you of any new Contacts that come in from Campaigns in this fashion.

Check out the video below to learn how to create Shuffle Campaigns, where to find your Campaign Activity and Stats, and much more… Thanks for reading this week’s Shuffle Video Tip!