Hey everyone!

Time for this week’s Shuffle Video Tip…

This week we’re going to get into the nitty-gritty of using Shuffle daily when making important introductions.

So check out the video below for some excellent tips on quickly and easily sharing your Shuffle Card with others, collecting their contact information, and connecting with them in the app.

We cover a lot of info here in about 15 minutes, so have your phone handy and your Shuffle app up to follow along and familiarize yourself with these real world applications.

*Please note that I am using an Android device on this demo, so some screens may look different for iOS users. If you have questions, please leave us a comment below!

Happy sharing!

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  1. Diane

    How long does it take for a contact to be in shuffle? I have peeps sign up for a card from my card and they want to close my card but it takes some time before I can send them a card via shuffle so it can be cloned. Also what is the deal when someone gets the text but they are not able to click on it to see the card? The card link was delivered but they can not click on it, it just does not respond to the tap.

    • The Elify Team

      Hi Diane, thanks for reaching out! You can share your cards “via Shuffle” as soon as you are connected with the other person in the app. Once you are connected, the icon on the right when viewing your contact list will be the Shuffle logo instead of the head and shoulders icon. To connect with someone, go to Main Menu > Discover, and search their name to make the connection request. Secondly, in regards to your Shuffle Card link being unresponsive in a text message, this is due to an Apple / iOS spam filter. Please watch this helpful video for more info: https://youtu.be/udm3VD2cmyk

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