Hey there Shuffle Fans!

For this weeks tip, it’s back to basics to learn about the 4 options available to you from your “Card Send” menu:

  • New Contact
  • Shuffle Contact
  • Campaigns
  • Show QR

Why and how should you use each option to get the most power out of Shuffle? Check out the video below, and discover the intention and application for each of our card share methods…

Happy sharing!

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  1. Isis Riverapena

    I will like to let all my group know about this but I have a great amount of people that do not speak or read English. Do you have this app in Spanish?

    • The Elify Team

      Hi Isis, thanks for reaching out! We do not have Shuffle available in Spanish just yet… But we are working on it! Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned!

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