Elify launches the first ever Shuffle product upgrade

Users can upgrade their accounts with 100 virtual business cards to unlock unlimited marketing opportunity.

October 24, 2017


DENVER – Elify, the provider of mobile marketing solution Shuffle, today announced their first ever Shuffle account upgrade. Shuffle users can upgrade their accounts to 100 virtual business cards, providing them unlimited marketing potential with the Shuffle app.

“Shuffle users have been asking for access to more cards and we’re excited to be able to fulfill the demand,” said Elify CEO and founder ER Wolf. “Shufflers have found more ways to use their cards as micro-landing pages for their personal and professional brand, and we believe these additional cards will allow users the freedom to expand their marketing efforts, test new and different messaging, and support their business growth.”

Shuffle users can take advantage of this upgrade through the app or by logging into elifyshuffle.com.  New users just starting their Shuffle subscription can opt-into the upgrade during sign-up for their 14 day free trial.  The 100 card upgrade is available for a one-time non-refundable $50 fee, billed at the time of upgrade or at the end of the trial period.  Shuffle users are not required to upgrade at any time.  This is a completely optional addition to the Shuffle experience.  

“These additional cards have all the same features and functionality you’ve grown to love from your Shuffle cards,” states Guy Tuell, Elify co-founder.  “Each card is fully customizable to your brand and message, and includes tracking and analytics for optimization.”

To learn more about this upgrade, read the FAQ’s provided below and visit us on our YouTube channel, YouTube.com/Elify.    


About Elify

Elify is a developer of technology for the small business owner, entrepreneur, and work-at-home professional.  Our mission is simple: Elevate your Business. Simplify your Life.


Press and Media Inquiries

Emily Drost

Head of Marketing, Elify

E: MediaInquiries@elify.com


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Upgrade Frequently Asked Question’s

  • Do I have to upgrade my account to 100 Cards?
    • No, the 100 Card upgrade is completely optional.
  • What does the 100 Card upgrade cost?
    • The 100 Card upgrade is a one-time, non-refundable $50.00 charge. Your Shuffle subscription will stay the same at $10.00 per month.
  • How do I upgrade to 100 Cards?
    • Existing users can upgrade their Shuffle Deck to 100 Cards easily through the Shuffle app. Once you have built out all 10 of the Shuffle Cards included with your regular Shuffle subscription, simply click the “+” Add New Card option to be prompted with upgrade instructions.
    • Existing users can also upgrade their Shuffle Deck to 100 Cards online. Simply login to your Shuffle account at https://elifyshuffle.com/#login and click the “Need more cards?” banner at the top of the page.
    • New users can upgrade their Shuffle Deck upon registration by moving the “Upgrade now?” toggle to “Yes.”
  • Can I cancel my 100 Card upgrade if later I decide I don’t need it?
    • New users who upgrade during their 14-Day Free Trial, may cancel their 100 Card upgrade at any point during their Trial Period. We happily offer our Free Trial so everyone can try Shuffle before they buy! However after your trial period you may not cancel the upgrade, nor will you receive a refund for Cards not used.
    • Existing users who choose to upgrade after their Trial Period ends, will pay a one-time, non-refundable $50.00 fee for access to 100 Cards. Once you pay for your 100 Card upgrade, you may not cancel, nor will you receive a refund for Cards not used.
  • Does the upgrade give me 100 or 110 Cards in total?
    • The upgrade will give you a total of 100 Cards in your Shuffle Deck.
  • Will all 100 Cards work the same way as before?
    • Yes! All your Shuffle Cards will include the same templates and customization options, and are able to be shared through all the same methods as before.The only change you will notice is in the layout of your Shuffle Card menu. Once you upgrade, your Shuffle Cards will display in a “list view” with a convenient Search bar for easy navigation through your 100 Cards.
  • As an Elify Affiliate, do I get paid on account upgrades in my referral network?
    • Yes! As an Elify Affiliate, you earn the regular commission percentage payout on any account upgrades within your referral network. (Click here to learn about our Payout Structure.)

      Additionally, Elify Affiliates earn a Bonus of 1,500 Coins ($15.00 USD) for any direct referrals (Level 1) who upgrade to 100 Cards! This means Elify Affiliates earn $20.00 USD for all direct referral upgrades: $5.00 USD (10% regular commission) + $15.00 USD Bonus.